Our Mission

Our Name

Nā Mamo No’eau is a Hālau created to educate, enrich and entertain through performances of the songs (mele), stories (mo’olelo) and dances (‘auana a me kahiko) of the Hawaiian people. This Hālau also acknowledges the roots (nā kumu) of its Hawaiian heritage through performances inspired by other Polynesian cultures (nā ‘ike a me nā hana). This Hālau seeks to amply demonstrate that these traditions (nā mo’o) and cultural expressions can improve the human condition.

This Hālau respects (na mahalo), remembers (na hali’a aloha) and recognizes its heritage with pride; it here states its pahu genealogy (ku’auhau pahu):

To Rick No’eau Smith from Kumu Hula Patrick Makuakāne, Kumu Hula Robert Cazimero, and Marge Bronson (deceased)
To Kumu Hula Patrick Makuakāne from Kumu Hula Mae Klein
To Kumu Hula Mae Klein from Kumu Hula Maiki Aiu Lake (1925-1984),
To Kumu Hula Maiki Aiu Lake from Kumu Hula Lokalia Montgomery (1903-1978),
To Kumu Hula Lokalia Montgomery from Kumu Hula Keaka Kanahele (1881-1940),
To Kumu Hula Keaka Kanahele from Kumu Hula Kamawaʻe and Kumu Hula Niuʻola’a (1800’s)

This Hālau is directed by Rick No’eau Smith who graduated (ʻuniki) as hoʻopaʻa and ʻōlapa under the direction of Kumu Hula Patrick Makuakāne. 

This Mission Statement will be carried out as the Director (Kumu), leaders (alaka’i) and students (haumana) of the Hālau join together (hui) to study/perform the dances, culture, history (mo’olelo) and language (‘ōlelo) of Hawai’i and other Polynesian islands.  In this way we will perpetuate and preserve the gifts (nā makana) given us by the Hawaiian/Polynesian people through the ages.

This Hālau will create an environment for students to learn (a’o), to work (hana), share (pu’unaue) and enjoy (luana) each other’s company in an atmosphere of harmony (pono), respect, friendship (pilialoha), and, most importantly, love of one another (aloha).  This Hālau will be one not only of dance, but also will encourage and enhance the deepening of old friendships and the creation of new ones.  This social interaction is intended to instill in all Hālau members the time-tested values of the Hawaiian culture.

Everyone, regardless of age, experience or skill level, is warmly welcomed to participate.  Participation in some events, such as commercial performances, may be limited and dancers paid for their services.  Other performances will require the participation of most or all Hālau members, without financial compensation.  Such decisions are solely those of the Kumu.  It is a stated goal of Nā Mamo No’eau to be as inclusive as possible whenever possible.

We shall participate in dance and music competitions, festivals, private parties and community/charitable programs.  All audience members will be considered our guests.  All competitors and dance companies will be given our highest regard (hāliu), respect and best wishes in their performances.  Nā Mamo No’eau takes to the competitive stage an expectation not of winning at the expense of others, but in striving for maximum effort, excellence (kela) and accomplishment.

Our conduct (noho’ana) at all events, at all times, will be exemplary.  Each member’s deportment will be motivated by a keen, abiding and conscious acknowledgment that we publicly represent our Hālau and its Kumu, and the Hawaiian people whose values have carried them with dignity through the centuries to the present day.

This Hālau will give high priority to planning, organizing, promoting and presenting concert programs, lu’aus and other creative events as demonstrations of our cultural commitment and Mission Statement.  Our programs will be considered a sacred (kapu) statement to the community about who and what we are.  Hālau members will be expected to give of their time, skills and efforts in various areas to make all programs an artistic success.

This Hālau seeks excellence (kela) in all it does.  This spirit is reflected in the motto of Queen Kapi’olani:

“Kālia i ka nu’u.”  Strive for the highest.