Ka Lāhui - The Nation

  • August 27th, 2022, 4PM
  • Danville Village Theater, CA
  • ﹩35 (﹩30 for seniors and children 5-17 )
  • Learn about the formation and evolution of the independent nation of Hawai`i through Hula and Tahitian dance, music and chant.

    (No children under 5 y/o)

Paniolo Party

  • Nov. 8th, 2018
  • Centre Concord Ballroom (5298 Clayton Rd, Concord, CA)
  • Champagne, floor show, live band dancing, polinesian dance performance.

It's a South Pacific Hula Ba-lū-au!

  • Nov. 18th, 2016
  • Centre Concord Ballroom, 5298 Clayton Rd, Concord, CA
  • What you get with a ticket: Dinner buffet from Patrick Landesa, Champagne, 30's and 40's Polinesian dances from Nā Mamo No'eau, swing dance lessons and open dance floor, raffle and trivia, craft booths, photo booth, and embiance, music and video clips from the 40's!